Bologna Inside

third edition
edition 2021


Used Furniture & Antiques

USED FURNITURE A number of stores in and around Bologna sell inexpensive used furniture. Be prepared to hunt as there is often a lot of junk to sift through. Turnover is high, so come back regularly to find new gems. Most stores close for lunch and at least one morning or afternoon a week, so […]

Home Furnishings

Given the importance of la casa (the home) in Italian culture, there is no shortage of stores offering arredamento (furnishings) for your home. There are several large chain stores that sell moderately priced new furniture, including IKEA and they are located outside the city centre. In the centre, however, you may find not only some more […]

Contracts (or lack thereof)

Technically speaking, all tenancy agreements must be formalised by a legal contract between landlord and tenant. That said, some landlords are quite creative as far as bureaucracy is concerned and you may or may not be offered a rental contract. Rental contracts tend to protect the tenants’ rights, much more than the landlord, which causes […]

Rental & Living Expenses

In addition to your monthly rent, you will usually be asked to pay a deposito (security deposit) of one to three months of rent when you first move into an apartment. When you move out, the landlord will inspect the apartment for damages. If you have a legal contract, much of what could be considered […]

Neighborhood Guide

When in Bologna you are either dentro or fuori porta (inside or outside the city gates). The once intact ancient wall is now encircled by the viale (ring road). Life dentro porta means arcades, monuments and charming architecture. Just about everything is within walking or biking distance. It also means higher density living, steep rent […]

Just Landed

Rather than house-hunting from afar, it is undoubtedly easier to find a home once you have arrived in town. If, however, you would like to get started before you arrive, you will need to contact a relocation agency or ask a local friend to do the legwork for you. For temporary housing while you are […]