Bologna Inside

third edition
edition 2021


Second-hand & Eco-friendly Shopping

Second-hand shopping in Bologna used to mean going to the open-air markets in Piazzola or to more upscale Mercato dell’Antiquariato in Piazza Santo Stefano. However, in recent years more and more second-hand and vintage shops have sprung up, parallel with the global trends of upcycling and vintage and eco-friendly fashion. A few times a year, […]

Outlet Stores

If money were no object, it would not be hard to be chic and trendy in Bologna – inspiration is everywhere. But doing so on a budget takes talent, or perhaps just knowing where to go to find the best fashion deals. Outlets, known as spacci, are shops that sell merchandise from past seasons or […]

Clothes & Shoes

Browsing is not always part of the equation in small shops and boutiques when shopping for abbigliamento e calzature (clothes and shoes). You are expected to tell the salesperson what you want as soon as you step over the threshold. If you’re not up for hovering salesclerks, head for a department store, such as COIN on […]

Shopping Malls

In recent years, shopping malls have sprung up like mushrooms in the outskirts of Bologna. If it weren’t for the authentic espresso at the food court, you could be in a strip mall in any anonymous city. On the upside, the malls offer parking, air conditioning and diaper-changing facilities. Centro Borgovia Marco Emilio Lepido […]

Bologna Specialties

If you love rich, full-flavored dishes, then you’ve come to the right place. Many dishes here are laden with butter and cream, although it is possible to eat light or vegetarian. But never let it be said that the Bolognese don’t like pork, as its appearance in virtually everything puts a different spin on the […]

Food Shopping

Photo by IWF member Mary Thum

SMALL SHOPS AND MARKETS Many people in Bologna do their shopping at negozi di alimentari (small grocers), outdoor markets and specialty shops. While it can be overwhelming at first, shopping Italian-style and liberating oneself from the one-stop superstore becomes a real pleasure. Don’t be discouraged if shop personnel seem a little reserved at first. The […]

Shopping Etiquette

DON’T TOUCH THE PRODUCE The rule, whether in your local market or a superstore, is that fruit and vegetables must not come into direct contact with your hands until after purchase. When in smaller shops, you often end up having to point to the object you desire. ‘ALTRO’ When a shopkeeper says, ‘altro?’ in an […]