Bologna Inside

third edition
edition 2021


Spectator Sports

SOCCER Bologna’s home team, FC Bologna, was founded in 1909. Games are played in the center of the city at Stadio Renato Dallara (formerly Stadio Comunale), a stadium that seats nearly 40,000 spectators. You can buy tickets to matches directly at the biglietteria (ticket office) in Piazza della Pace in front of the stadium, through […]

Outdoor Sports & Leisure

CYCLING AND MOUNTAIN BIKING Italians are passionate cyclists and there are a number of clubs for every age and fitness level. For road cycling or racing, consider joining a cycling team. Teams are usually sponsored by local bike shops, which is the best place to inquire. There are weekly races from the beginning of February […]

Sports Clubs, Associations & Indoor Sports

Bologna offers a club for every sport and hobby. Here is a sampling of activities, how to get started and where to find more information. Make sure that you inquire about what kind of medical note you will need from your doctor if you are planning to join a gym, participate in a team sport […]

Green Spaces

Photo by IWF member Mary Thum

PARKS AND GREEN SPACES IN THE CITY Giardini Margherita: between Via Murri and Via Castiglione, this centrally located park provides city-dwellers with a bit of fresh air. There is a small lake, lots of grass to laze around on, several bars and an open-air disco on summer evenings. For the kids, there is play equipment, […]

Open-Air Events

Photo by Stefano Zocca on Unsplash

FESTIVALS The annual Feste dell’Unita’ (Festivals of Unity) offer a glimpse into Bologna La Rossa (Bologna the Red). Beginning in May, these fundraisers organized by the Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) take place throughout the province. Open to all political persuasions, the smaller feste culminate in September in Parco Nord with a month-long mega-festa. You’ll find […]

Live Music, Discos & Clubs

LIVE MUSIC CLUBS Via Mascarella, in the University district, hosts a number of clubs which all set tables outside during the summer to host the Salotto del Jazz (Jazz Salon). The street also has a movie theatre, a disco, a number of bars and restaurants: Cantina Bentivogliovia Mascarella 4/ jazz club and restaurant Bravo Caffèvia Mascarella […]

The Art of the Aperitivo

Aperitivi are a great way to meet friends after work and grab a bite to eat at the same time. Just about every bar nowadays will lay out a spread of various snacks, anything from pizzette (mini pizzas) to plates of pasta, in the late afternoon and evening. Once you have ordered a drink or […]


Another delicious, top quality food you will easily find in Bologna is ice cream, or simply – gelato! Opinions vary as to where you can get the best kind, and the closest of family and friends can get into a heated exchange about the relative merits of different gelaterias. The truth is, make sure you […]

Eating out

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

Bologna La Grassa’s (Bologna the Fat) reputation as Italy’s gastronomic capital is well deserved. Most Bolognese start their day with a visit to the bar for coffee, a pastry and some chitchat with the barista (bartender). The local bar is a social center and most Italians have their favorite, which can say a lot about […]

Cinema & Film Festivals

Home to one of the most famous film restoration institutes, several film festivals and, in the summer months, Europe’s largest outdoor film screen in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna is passionate about cinema. The film industry and cinemas have suffered many uncertainties in the recent years. The number of small and medium sized, local cinemas has been […]