Bologna Inside

third edition
edition 2021


… and last, but not the least COVID-19

It would be nice if we could avoid talking about COVID-19 because it is a thing of the past, a very challenging global event that has now been fully resolved and addressed, or if the pandemic as we know it had never happened.

The truth is, we are living, and will continue to live with the pandemic. Italy has seen so much hardship and sacrifice since early 2020 and the most we can hope for is that our collective sense of responsibility will help us weather this storm.

Many things have changed over time in the way we have dealt with the pandemic and the situation keeps evolving. At the time of the writing of this Guide, a large portion of the population has been immunized and in order to attend indoor events, cinemas, even school, one needs an up-to-date Green Pass – a digital certificate proving that you’ve either been vaccinated, have had the illness and have fully recovered from it or have recently (last 48 hours) been tested for COVID-19. You may have to download an app which holds this type of certificate, such as immuni or For more information, check the EU Commission’s website (available in all the languages of the Union): or

The Comune di Bologna website also has relevant local information .

If you intend to travel or have questions about others visiting you from abroad, check the relevant Health Ministry page:

The general helpline for any COVID-19 related queries is 1500 and is active 24/7. From abroad dial Tel. +39 023.2008345  or Tel. +39 028.3905385.

For list of regional helplines, check:

Finally, do ask your family doctor to get the up-to-date information about how to get vaccinated or tested. tamponi rapidi antigenici COVID-19 (rapid antigen tests with results ready within 15 minutes). If you test positive, your local health authority or testing site will refer you to the next stage of molecular testing.

If you intend to travel, and need a molecular, PCR test (tamponi molecolari PCR), a range of private local laboratories administer this and issue certificates in both Italian and English (do pay attention to this detail, as some airlines will cancel your reservation if you do not have the test results in English!).