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Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is not offered through the SSN’s USL (Unita’ Sanitaria Locale), so you must find a private veterinarian for your pet. Most vets will give you a personal emergency contact number to call for after-hours care.

Pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) must be registered at the city’s Anagrafe Canina (Pet Vital Statistics Office). At the time of registration, your pet will be given a microchip and inscription number. You can find the Anagrafe Canina for the Comune di Bologna here.

If you wish to travel with your pet outside of Italy, you will need to visit the ASL’s Servizio Veterinario (Veterinary Service) to get a pet passport. Information on taking your pet abroad can also be found in the link above on the Comune di Bologna website. Make sure that you bring your pet’s microchip number and veterinary records noting vaccination dates. Your veterinarian should know what items will be required for a pet passport and which of the ASL offices you should go to (the list is here: www.bolognatoday.it).

When out with your dog, it must be on a leash and you must pick up its feces. Most places, including restaurants and some supermarkets, are dog-friendly, but it’s always best to check in advance whether you can bring your pet along.

If you find a lost or stray dog, contact the city’s dog pound:

Canile Municipale
via Bacialli 20
Castel Maggiore
Tel. 051.6325537


Anicura – I Portoni Rossi
Open 24/7
via Roma 57/A
Zola Predosa
Tel. 051 755233

Ospedale Veterinario Giardini Margherita
via Murri 10/A
Tel.051 392290

Centro Veterinario Bolognese srl
via Montenero 24/a
Tel. 051.6491706

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