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Used Furniture & Antiques


A number of stores in and around Bologna sell inexpensive used furniture. Be prepared to hunt as there is often a lot of junk to sift through. Turnover is high, so come back regularly to find new gems. Most stores close for lunch and at least one morning or afternoon a week, so call first to check on business hours.

Il Mercatino is a franchise with three stores in the Bologna area. Although they appear related, the ownership is separate.

Il Mercatino (www.mercatinousato.com)

  • Zona Roveri
    Via E. Mattei, 50/d
    Tel. 051.6014028
  • Zona Ospedale Maggiore
    Via Monterumici, 36/3
    Tel. 051.313529
  • Zona Corticella
    Via dei Caligari, 6
    Tel. 051.320119


Just off Via San Donato, Padre Marella – Fraternità Cristiana is one of the best bets for used furniture, but the rule of going back frequently definitely reigns. Owned and operated by a religious charitable organization, the store will upon request remove unwanted furniture from your house for free. If you look hard, there are some true beauties to be found at incredible prices, but be ready to use your best bargaining skills to get the real deals. There is also a well-stocked used clothing department. This store has irregular business hours and it is best to call ahead.

Padre Marella – Fraternità Cristiana
Via del Lavoro, 13
Tel. 051.244345


Bologna’s antique market is held every second Saturday and Sunday of the month in Piazza Santo Stefano.


In addition, there are different stores selling antique furniture to explore nearby, all along Strada Maggiore.

A fun, eccentric collection of unique and peculiar pieces can be found at Freak Andò, showroom in Via delle Moline 14/c and a warehouse in Castel Maggiore (check their website for more info www.freakando.com).

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