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The principal religion in Bologna, as in the rest of Italy, is Roman Catholicism. The city is divided into parishes by street address and you are automatically considered a member of a parish once you move into a neighborhood. You may even receive the church bulletin in your mailbox whether or not you attend church. Feel free to visit your local church and inquire about their services, how to get involved in their activities and become part of the community.

Mass times are listed by the type of day the masses are held:

  • feriali = Monday through Friday
  • prefestivo = Saturday
  • festivo = Sunday; municipal and national holidays


Overshadowed by the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant churches in Italy have smoothed over their differences and often worship together. In particular, the Waldensian Church (Italian pre-Reformation church that adhered to the Reformation in the 1700s) and the Methodist Church have joined in a union that is also connected to the Baptist Church in a Federation of Protestant Churches (FCEI). Their agreement extends officially to Presbyterian and Free Churches and unofficially to any Protestants that are looking for a place to worship. As a result, these Protestant churches are often highly heterogeneous and multi-cultural.

In Italy, the word “evangelica” in a church’s name indicates that it is Bible-based, not necessarily that it is part of the “evangelical movement” as it is known in Anglo-Saxon countries. These churches are very international and often host English-speaking missionaries even when worship is exclusively in Italian.

New, culturally specific groups are forming spontaneously in churches all over Bologna. If you do not see a group from your denomination, nationality or language here, contact churches and ask what groups they host. The following is a list of churches and congregations that provide other worship services in languages other than Italian.

Anglican Church in Bologna – Holy Cross
Via d’Azeglio 84

Chiesa Evangelica della Riconciliazione
Via di Corticella 218/B

Chiesa Metodista Evangelica di Bologna
Via Venezian 1
Tel. 351.5637227

The Methodist Church (Chiesa Metodista Evangelica) is an international congregation with firm Italian Protestant roots and is part of the Methodist/Waldensian Union of churches. It hosts many international groups who worship in their own languages (Ukrainian, Korean, Filipino and Ghanaian). For information about worship services in English, please call beforehand.

Ukrainian Church in Bologna
Chiesa di San Michele De’ Leprosetti
Vicolo Broglio 1
Tel. 389 140 6390


The Comunità Ebraica di Bologna (Jewish Community of Bologna) is one of 21 members of L’Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane (Union of Italian Jewish Communities), which coordinates and promotes the Jewish community nationally.

Comunità Ebraica di Bologna
Via de’ Gombruti 9
Tel. 051.232066

Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane


Islam represents the second largest religious group in Italy.

Centro di Cultura Islamica/Moschea An-Nur (La luce)
Via Pallavicini 13
Email: ccib@libero.it


Chiesa ortodossa San Basilio (Russian Orthodox)
Via Sant’Isaia 35/2
Tel. 328 2323429

Chiesa di San Demetrio (Greek Orthodox)
Via de’ Griffoni 2
Tel. 349 579 3915

Chiesa di San Nicola (Romanian Orthodox)
Via Monaldo Calari 4

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES – Testimoni di Geova


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