Bologna Inside

third edition
edition 2021


… and last, but not the least COVID-19

It would be nice if we could avoid talking about COVID-19 because it is a thing of the past, a very challenging global event that has now been fully resolved and addressed, or if the pandemic as we know it had never happened. The truth is, we are living, and will continue to live with […]

Services for the Disabled & Elderly Care

SERVICES FOR THE DISABLED All services and benefits for the disabled are available to foreigners registered in the SSN (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). The first step is to apply for the recognition of l’invalidità (civil disability) through Azienda Unita’ Sanitaria Locale (AUSL) or your family doctor/GP (medico di base). After a medical visit, a commission will […]

Pharmacies & Medicine

You can have prescriptions filled at any pharmacy. Medicines deemed essential by the SSN are free, but you still have to have a prescription. Pharmacists in Italy often serve as informal medical advisors, so if you have a minor medical problem you can ask a pharmacist for an opinion. The pharmacists who work in the […]

Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is not offered through the SSN’s USL (Unita’ Sanitaria Locale), so you must find a private veterinarian for your pet. Most vets will give you a personal emergency contact number to call for after-hours care. Pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) must be registered at the city’s Anagrafe Canina (Pet Vital Statistics Office). At […]

Alternative Medicine

ACUPUNCTURE Tu Lossvia Antonio di Vincenzo 23°/dTel. 051.373668 SHIATSU Shiatsu Integratovia Cesare BattistiTel. 051.230636 Instituto di Ricerche e Terapie

Private Medical Care

If you do not have access to the SSN (Servizio Sanitaro Nazionale) you can always make an appointment with a medico privato (private physician) who operates outside of the system. Ask the doctor’s rate in advance to avoid any surprises or embarrassing moments. You will be expected to pay the doctor at the time services […]

Delicate Subjects

SUBSTANCE ABUSE SOS Donna (SOS Women)Tel. The association is made up of volunteer women committed to supporting women who suffer violence and / or mistreatment in the family or outside. Moral support, psychological and legal assistance are offered. They collaborate with other anti-violence centers and with the social and health services of the territory. It belongs to […]

Women’s Health

A consultorio familiare is a special health care center for women staffed by gynecologists and specialized nurses. Some of the centers also offer services for children.If you are covered by the Italian National Health Service – the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) – you can go here for gynecological exams, health care during pregnancy, counseling during […]

Public Medical Care

The agency that administers the Italian National Health Service, the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) in Bologna is called the ASL – Agenzia Sanitaria Locale (local health agency), also known as Azienda USL or AUSL. You can call the regional Azienda USL’s free information number at 800 033 033 or check their website REGISTERING FOR […]

In Case of an Emergency

If you have a health-related emergency, call either 118 (for an ambulance) or 112 (for any emergency) or go directly to the emergency room nearest to you. When you arrive you will be asked for identification and a description of the problem. As with emergency rooms anywhere, the wait depends on the gravity of your […]